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Official web site, home page

Official Twitter account @LiberalAus

A key statement of the party under the heading We Believe:

“In the inalienable rights and freedoms of all peoples; and we work towards a lean government that minimises interference in our daily lives; and maximises individual and private sector initiative.”

Under the menu item Our Plan, you can click to download a .pdf file that covers Our Plan Real Solutions for All Australians or watch a video of federal Liberal Parliamentary Party leader Mr Abbott talking about the plan.

Below that, and below a photograph of some shadow cabinet members, click on the caption Show me more like Our Plan: Real Solutions for All Australians. You will then be led through a rigamarole that requires you to submit your email address before you can read more of the Liberal party’s policies. You will have to pay $9 for a Scribd. subscription before you can continue.

Or, you can follow this link for a copy provided by http://www.rowanramsey.com The document lists 20 policy headings, statements and details.