Katter’s Australian Party official web site

Leader Mr Bob Katter’s Twitter account @RealBobKatter

Under the menu item Who we are, you will find Core Values and Principles, the closest thing to a list of policies.

These statements appear on the site, under Who We are:

Principle is something seriously lacking from Australian politics at present and has been for some time. The Australian Party however has been founded with a strong set of principles and values in mind.

Issues surrounding the freedom for Australians to enjoy their way of life and personal freedoms, the protection of Australian jobs and industries, are all part of the Party’s commitment to ‘do the right thing’ by Australians.

And this one:

Katter’s Australian Party intends to change the direction of Australian prosperity through job creation, establishment of infrastructure and support for Australian-owned businesses. Another major desire is the restoration of personal freedoms that have been unnecessarily eroded over recent decades.

A party spokesman advises that some new policies are being added and others are being rewritten in plain language that will be easier to understand. This process should be completed by July 9, 2013.

The KAP says it expects its members to vote in the interests of their electorate.